About Us

Administrative Computer Services System (ACSS) provide the following facilities:

  • Provide LAN connectivity to the faculty, staff and students
  • Provide the Internet facility to the users
  • Provide technical assistance to the Institute people


A campus local area network (LAN)  cater to the needs of students, faculty and staffs, and  created by connecting the all Academic blocks and Hostels with fiber optics (Single and Multimode) as a backbone and by installing Core, Distribution, Access switches of managed layer 2/3 switches. At present the backbone is 1G. The campus is also Wi-Fi enable. High speed Internet is provided all Academics and Hostels through multiple Internet service Provider leased line.  Unified threat management (UTM) is used for security and user authentication.

ACSS manage Internet services, electronic mail, FTP and INFED Server, Institute website development and maintenance.


List of Equipments